Weekend Wear by Andee Layne

Today’s post is with one of my favorites styles….Tomboy chic. My girlfriends pointed out that I go either super feminine or really Tomboy and looking through my posts I think they’re spot on. I grew up with three older brothers so sneaks, camo print, and baseball caps are all my favorite kind of looks. I just feel so comfortable in them and I love that low key kind of vibe. So here’s a tomboy (chic;) look from a couple weeks ago with the comfiest little dress that can be dressed up or down…..


I paired mine with some sneaks, a denim jacket and a baseball cap for a laid back but still pulled together vibe. I’ve mentioned these sneakers before and have not regretted purchasing them one bit! They’re not budget friendly by any means so I wanted to give you girls a couple more affordable sneakers options that would go great with this look too…..








14052344_1100032513409858_1937258065_nTaylorCole Photography

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Post Source: Andee Layne

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