By Lisa Tellbe





Here comes the second video that I made with Isadora few weeks ago. This time I use Insane Volume Lash Styler. Love the mascara is one of my personal favorites. Think that it will be especially good if you add some layers to each other. Check out the video!  Source Blog: Lisa Tellbe








Thought see a funny thing as I did with Isadora few weeks ago, we recorded a tutorial where I show how I use products from their new collection strobing. I start by using strobing Fluid Highlighter, in the shade Cool Glow. Check out the video to get some tips on how you can apply the best 🙂

Source Blog: Lisa Tellbe







A must-have trio of Isadora for shaping and enhancing the best features! The Bronzer formed and defined, the blusher gives color and highlights the cheeks, highlighter set with a creamy texture radiant accents. The Isadora Face Sculptor merges thanks Silky smooth formula and satin finish perfectly with the skin. Available in warm and cold color combination, the Face Sculptor fits perfectly to the very individual completion.



Source Blog: Lisa Tellbe


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