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Hey team! Hope you’re having a great week so far. Starting to get everything under control at home now with the wardrobe project, haha. So worth it. And finally I’m back on my regular workout routine again – especially early in the morning since I just realized the good thing about that (?!). Feels like it gives you so much more energy (and good conscience) for the rest of the day + that you actually can dispose your evening for other fun stuff, lazy stuff or must-do’s instead. Now I’m gonna get some last work done before I’m leaving the office to meet up with my sister that just texted me and asked if I’m up for a coffee and to check some stores. Who says no? So long!

Shop the Look


River Island – Tan Suede Biker Jacket


Revolve LPA – Top 35


Revolve LPA – Pants 57


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Silk & lace-up in @revolve 🌙

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