by Sara Montazami



Dress: Yumi KimYumi Kim,  Shoes: Adidas,   Jewelry: Sophie by Sophie Ring: Ringly Aries Bracelet: Shell


It seems like I’ve been hanging in Venice so much lately.  I’m really starting to love that area.  We have been trying out different restaurants and checking out boutiques we never saw before.  There’s so much to do and see in LA so even thought I’ve lived there for a year and a half, the city still feels new to me.

Hanna and I are going to Santa Barbara on Tuesday with my friend Melissa and Hanna’s boyfriend Austin! We are going with a film team to promote this super cool hotel right by the water! We had a meeting with the film crew at an organic spot right on Abbott Kinney called Kreation.  It’s not my favorite spot but they have amazing lattes so that’s what I was sipping on as we were talking about all the fun activities we have planned! CANNOT WAIT! It will be nice to just get away for a couple days and explore a new place.


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