by Sofia Reis

Hey hey !! I do not know if they remember but I painted my hair the first time before the summer of 2016 and since then I have never been able to stop me hehe This is the third intervention I do to my hair and for those who follow me know that it has been a whole process This transition to the blonde. The truth is that I love seeing my hair lighter, I can not even imagine brunette, so I decided to clear a little more. As I explained in the stories of the Instagram my idea is always to keep the root in my tone and to become clearer in registry ombre so that the maintenance is not so frequent and in a way that it is as natural as possible. I returned to the Royale Lisboa and trusted Martine and the team one more time to treat my hair! For all of you who ask me where I usually treat my hair – here is the answer. You can also contact the Royale Lisboa and know the entire process in detail with the best advice. Did you like the change? Xx
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