Flannel + Plaid

by Brittany Maddux

It’s time to talk cold weather outfits! That’s right, the time has come where you MUST wear a jacket with all your outfits. Or you will freeze your butt off outside! I try to stock up on jackets for myself, the babies and Trevor during Nordstrom fall sale which is a great time to buy them! This winter, I have stuck to more simple and cozy outfits that are easy to wear and are also super chic!

I’ve narrowed down my winter wardrobe to a few must-haves and of course, plaid is at the top of my list. I am OBSESSING over plaid this winter since it’s so festive and fun to dress up or down! This plaid boyfriend shirt is one of my favorites because it is oh so soft and long! This girl has a super long torso, which can make it pretty difficult to find shirts that fit properly. Needless to say, this flannel puffer jacket I CANNOT live without, especially since it is bone-chilling cold outside.

My Rag&Bone jeans have to be on of my absolute favorite pairs I own! Not only do I love everything about the color, they totally hold you in. Everyone needs a pair of reliable jeans! I am all for seeking out the best clothes that are super comfortable and these jeans are stretchy and move with you! You have to love that. Of course, what winter season is complete without adorable Ugg booties. These booties keep your feet nice and toasty PLUS they are extremely comfortable to wear throughout the day. I shopped all these goodies at my local Nordstrom which has everything I need not just for this outfit but for all my winter wardrobe must-haves!


Post from:  brittany Maddux.com




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